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Road Trip Ready?

All too often road trips are inconvenienced by hiccups on the road. We may not be able to control all things and conditions, but this does not mean we are unable to set ourselves up for success on the road. Here are some quick tips to get you rolling efficiently and safely towards your desired destination, wherever that may be.
1) Snack accordingly. Your road trip may not even be that long, but it's important to plan for the unexpected. having an abundance of snacks at the ready will keep you well fed, happy, and fit for a long…
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Experts Say You Should Wash Your Car Regularly

Just how often should you wash your car, and why? Experts say that washing your car at least once a week or two is enough to not only keep your car clean, but will make sure your car is running at its peak performance. Why should you clean your car regularly?
  • Washing your car prevent buildup of dirt and other pollutants. This is important because overtime, the buildup of dirt, rain, and even bird droppings can eat away at the paint. Which brings us to the next important thing to avoid.
  • Rust. It is important to prevent rust because when…
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How Can I Get Better Mileage?

There are many ways of improving your car's gas mileage. Since we are all creatures of habit, changing habits will change your mileage. One sure way is to use your cruise control. On a highway, the constant up and down by a foot on the accelerator pedal can waste a lot of gas. Using your cruise control puts an end to that.

Another way is stop taking off too quickly. If you act like a race car driver, you are going to get terrible mileage. Press the pedal gently and continue increasing pressure until you reach your desired speed…
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The Modern Features in the Ford Edge

"The Ford Edge is popular for its adaptive steering technology. This system varies the response of the steering based on the speed of the car. The system adjusts the steering in response to the speed to ensure a smooth transition from left to right. These features make the Ford Edge more agile and safer to drive. Fuel economy

When choosing a vehicle, the key is to match the size of the car to the output of the engine. The Ford Edge’s engine exudes more power than any other cars of its size. While the 4-cylinder engine is more cost-effective…
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Avoid Accidents By Following Basic Safety Tips

There are many basic driving tips that you can follow to keep you, your family and other drivers safe. Children are always a number one distraction. Make sure that they are in the car seat or booster seat if required by the state. Do not allow them to yell and climb around the car, make sure that they are buckled in. This is a number one distraction! Avoid driving while your are tired, especially if you are someone that who has to take drowsy medication on a daily basis. When changing lanes use your turn signals ahead of time before…
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Why Oil Changes Are Crucial for a Long Life of a Vehicle

Proper maintenance on your vehicle is crucial to your car having a long life. One of the most important tasks is having your oil changed. Oil serves two major functions in your car. It carries away some of the heat that builds up in the car, and it also works as a lubricant to keep parts of the motor from touching.

As you drive the oil catches particles of dust and debris and becomes suspended in the oil. Not changing the oil can lead to this sediment eventually falling to the bottom of the engine and create a sludge. This…

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The 2017 Ford Explorer: Maximum Cargo Space and Seat Folding

Drivers craving an abundance of space in their vehicle, look no further than the all-new 2017 Ford Explorer. This vehicle was designed with you and your family in mind. Capable of comfortably getting you from one location to the next, the spacious interior makes this SUV ideal for you.

The Ford Explorer features third-row seating and is capable of comfortably sitting up to seven people. The second-row seating features 60/40 split fold and flat bench. The third-row seats are 50/50 optional folding...

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2017 Ford Escape a Powerhouse for Diverse Terrain

A new year of road trips is sure to bring you across some pretty gnarly terrain, and through worse weather. 2017's compact Ford Escape crossover has you covered. The power of a 2.5L i-VCT engine comes standard, with a six-speed automatic transmission that features SelectShift® technology for smooth response when changing gears. Escape's midrange build features a 2.0L turbocharged engine that accelerates from 0 to up to 60 mph in up to 7.1 seconds, helping you answer the call when the open road beckons. And with Auto Start-Stop Technology that deactivates the engine when stopped…

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